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Ingredients for 20 demi-tasse cups:

1 stick cinnamon

4 whole allspice berries

10 cloves

1/3 cup instant sugar

2 strips lemon peel

4 strips orange peel

1 cup brandy, warmed

1 quart hot coffee




Combine the spices, sugar and brandy in a jar 5-6 hours before serving.  Let them steep at room temperature.


When it's time to serve the coffee, turn the lights down in the room.  Light the alcohol in the base of a 6 cup chaffing dish.  Pour in the seasoned brandy and let it warm until it catches flame (you may need to help with a match).  Stir and lift high the ignited liquid with a ladle so it appears as flaming ribbon.


When the flames subside, pour in the hot coffee and serve the drink in demi-tasse cups