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  • Written by Madelaine Bullwinkel

What Would Julia Do?

“One of the most delicious dishes concocted by man.” That’s how Julia Child describes Boeuf Bourgnignon in Mastering the Art of French Cooking, I whole-heartedly agree. That’s why the sight of Julie Pearson’s incinerated version in Julie and Julia” was so distressing.  There was only one way to get past that bad memory. I had to make it myself.


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  • Written by Madelaine Bullwinkel

The Julia Child Revival

After two decades of waiting patiently in the shadow of the Food Network’s drop-and-stir programming, Julia Child is back!  Americans can once more tune in to Julia’s ground-breaking black and white TV series from the 60’s.  There she is, showing her audience how to buy a chicken, posing with a lineup of raw suspects and fearlessly whacking at soup bones to make  stock.  After years of watching chefs grill chicken stuffed with a can of beer, will viewers remember what a real chicken stock is?


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