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Provence Odyssey Itinerary 2021



September 10 - 17, 2021

Friday September  10   Rendez-vous at Gare TGV, in Avignon  at 4pm. Drive to Uzès.  Welcome dinner at 11 avenue Maxime Pascal, our home for the week.

Saturday, September 11  Morning unguided visit to the 'grand' open air market in the Place aux Herbes.  Lunch* and afternoon are open to explore the town's historic past, from Roman times to the present.  A detailed map allows you to find your way through streets filled with charming shops and cafes. An informal cooking class at the house precedes dinner.

Sunday, September 12   Morning drive to the Gallo-Roman town of Arles to see its newly restored Roman Ampitheatre, the Baths of Constantine and small museums.  You can stroll the banks of the Rhone, visit the site of Vincent van Gogh's Maison Jaune and the new Van Gogh Museum.  After a special mid-day lunch we drive back to Uzès, stopping at Mas des Tourelles in Beaucaire, a modern winery located on the excavated site of a Gallo-Roman cave.  We will compare ancient and modern winemaking methods and taste recent vintages with recreations of wine in the Roman style.  Dinner* is open in Uzès that evening.

Monday, September 13   We  trace the route of a masterpiece of Roman engineering from the water source in Uzes to the  Pont du Gard, a UNESCO world heritage site.  There will be time to walk both the bridge and the newly accessible water course level. A remarkable museum in the visitor's center details how the Pont was sited, constructed and maintained.  Then on the water's final destination in the ancient Gallo-Roman city of Nîmes for a late lunch*.  This city is home to the best preserved Roman temple in France, the Maison Carré and Les Arenes, a Roman Ampitheatre where an audioguide will introduce you to gladiatorial spectacles in vivid detail.  We return to Uzès, for dinner in a local restaurant

Tuesday, September 14   Our day is devoted to understanding the meaning of  'terroir'.  We'll visit local producers of wine, olive oil and goat cheese, tour their operations and taste their products.  We stop for lunch* between stops in Uzès. That evening we dine in a local restaurant.

Wednesday, September 15  The producers market in the Place aux Herbes is our morning destination.  Lunch* and early afternoon are open to continue exploring the town.  There's a cooking class in the late afternoon followed by dinner at home.

Thursday, September 16   We drive to Avignon for a visit to Les Halles and a morning cooking class and lunch in the restored 19th century kitchen of the elegant La Mirande Hotel, once an 18th hotel particulier.  A self-guided tour of the Palais des Papes, a UNESCO World Heritage site follows lunch.   We share a farewell supper at home in Uzès.
Friday, September 17   8AM departure for the Gare TGV in Avignon.
*A meal not covered in the price of the tour.