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Exploring in the Dordogne 2020


Join us this June for a week of historical and culinary discovery in the Dordogne and Bordeaux.  Our stay begins in the Renaissance town of Montignac on the Vézère River. Hidden in in this lush valley dotted with ruined castles and duck farms are world renowned caves and limestone shelters full of fascinating clues to the lifestyle of our ancestors 15,000 years before the Christian era. 

Our first stop is Lascaux 4, the epicenter of European prehistory, a stone’s throw from our beautifully appointed private home.  We will learn about the daily life of Cro-Magnan man during a private tour of The National Museum of Prehistory in Eyzies.  Our visit continues to nearby La Roque de Saint Christophe a Stone Age site later repurposed during Medieval times. 


Herds of aurochs, bison and deer drawn on the walls of Lascaux no longer rove the Vézère Valley. Our Paleo diet will feature today’s celebrated dishes of duck confit, foie gras and walnuts.  Desserts will feature fresh strawberries, France’s favorite fruit and a specialty of the area in June.  A visit to the market in Sarlat is a “must” as is an informal cooking classes at home and dinner at the organic evening market.

The last two days of our adventure are spent in Bordeaux at a ****boutique hotel in the city’s luxury shopping district.  We will spend an afternoon touring chateaux in the Medoc, visit the new Cité du Vin and rub elbows with the Bordelais at lunch in Les Halles de Bataclan, the city’s new food mall.