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Provence Travelers Comments




"The trip to Provence was fabulous !  It was a wonderful combination of cooking and excursions.  Madelaine is a great tour guide, knows so much, has planned things to the nth degree.  She has a great way of keeping everything and everyone together in all situations.  Our house in Uzes was beautiful, spacious and in a great location.  All a life experience ! 

Nancy Cunov, Chicago, IL 2017


"Our Provence trip was amazing and I enjoyed every moment. My knowledge of baking, cooking, cheese, wine, preparation (artichokes and even calamari!) and market shopping has grown exponentially! The Provence backdrop and Uzes made my  experience magical."
Yvonne Martinez, Chicago, IL 2014
"I am thinking about all the things for which I am grateful.  Certainly the Provence was a trip of a lifetiime and your care to detail made it that way.  I have retold the stories to all of my friends, family and excercise classes.  We had such fun learning and seeing and doing.  Both Tom and I cherish our memories of the trip." 
Connie Livingston, Western Springs, IL  2012
"Thank you again for organizing and leading the Provence trip last week.  It was certainly a trip of a lifetime for me and beyond all expectations.  Everyday there were new experiences (cleaning artichokes!) and learning the history of Provence (Pont du Gard).  You were a wonderful hostess in making everyone feel comfortable and at ease.  I also appreciated your ability to engage all six of us in conversation, never making anyone feel left out.  Thank you again, as I know a lot of time and energy went into making this trip such a success.  I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the week and hopefully, sometime soon I will be able to see you in Paris!"
Alyssa Erikson, Chicago, Il  2014
"I wanted to tell you and George what a wonderful time we had!  Eric says it was his favorite vacation of all time - and we have been to some great places.  We enjoyed the small group, the fact that we had a house to ourselves, the cooking (and eating!), the evenings spent together just talking.  The group was very compatible, despite our different backgrounds.  We enjoyed getting to know everyone.  The sightseeing was very personalized and interesting.  It was also well paced - full but not exhausting.  We feel we covered many of the small towns of Provence very well. 

The cooking lessons at the house were wonderful.  We particularly enjoyed the lamb and the ratatouille, as well as the desserts we baked.  The Avignon lesson was also spectacular.  In fact the whole trip was just great."

Karen Louie, Burr Ridge, Illinois


"It takes a return to the normal world to appreciate how special a place Provence is, and how much more of it we were able to see under the tireless shepherding of the Bullwinkels.

The accommodations were superb. It was an ambitious itinerary for visiting local sites, one that inevitably left one wishing for more time at some of them.

Ours was a convivial traveling party.. But the Bullwinkels immediately became part of the tribe." 

  Tim Wolters, Chippewa Falls, WI   2011


"Provence Odyssey was one of the best travel experiences we have ever had.

There is no better way to travel than to be part of a small group of participants who share common interests. In this case it was, France, food, and regional culture. Add to that guides who are well organized, knowledgeable about the locale, and truly concerned that the entire experience is of high quality for everyone and you have the ideal situation for exploring a new place, or learning more in-depth about a previously visited area."

Laura Kasdorf,  Chippewa Falls, WI   2011


"The experience of provencal food, culture and sightseeing was all beautifully wrapped into one. Thanks to you and George for sharing your love for France  and especially the Provencal.

Uta Staley,  Chicago  2011


"But, just a quick note to tell you how much we truly loved cooking with you and of course, sight-seeing was wonderful as well.   Thank you both for all you did to make it such a wonderful trip for us.   I love the pic of George driving down one of the prettiest roads in France.  Such great memories of beautiful sites."

Joy Walsh,  Burr Ridge, IL  2012